Karen Beatty is an extremely talented energy healer. After having many experiences throughout the years with various healers, I can say, Karen ranks highly in her skills and gifts. I have had numerous Reconnective Healing sessions with her and always look forward to them, because each time I feel such a powerful energy of peace and presence. The peace of mind and feeling of well being I receive from the sessions are amazing!
— Dana Swezey, Energy Healer

I went to see Karen because I experienced a lot of life changes that were carrying over to my physical body, and I felt like I needed assistance to get back into balance. I saw Karen in her beautiful house which created a calm and comforting environment to experience her healing energy. Karen really took the time to ask all the right questions in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of my situation. In addition to energy work, she recommended healing supplements, dietary protocols, and lifestyle adjustments to support optimal health. I noticed a difference in my physical and energetic bodies within days of our session. I am feeling so much more like myself after working with Karen - I can’t thank her enough for helping me get back to myself.
— Shea

Karen has opened my eyes to the incredible benefits of esoteric healing. For years I have struggled to find balance within the physical, mental, and spiritual realms of my life, but with Karen’s guidance, I am finding balance, and with it, all the benefits! I live many more healthy days than previously and have a much greater awareness of my everyday experiences and changes that are occurring. In addition to her energy work, Karen’s recommendations for dietary adjustments, supplements, reading materials, and referrals to practitioners of complementary modalities, have been invaluable. I highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking balance, whether it be struggling with health, spirituality, or needing a body-mind-soul tune up.
— Monica Wilson

Karen has done healing work on me for 20 years or more . Along the way, I have benefitted from her commitment to learn and use the best bodywork and energy healing tools available. I love the Esoteric and Bars/Access sessions. Always leave her sessions feelings more centered, clear, balanced and reconnected to my Self. Karen brings 35 years of study and working on the human body to each session. She has probably studied more modalities of bodywork and energy healing than anyone I know. As the publisher of Natural Awakenings Magazine, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of healers and Karen is my favorite. She is so tuned in as well as loving and caring. If you want to feel like you are in confident, trained hands, choose Karen. I feel safe, loved and confident when entering Karen’s healing space.
— Sharon Bruckman, CEO Natural Awakenings Magazine

After a few visits for massage with Karen, she had corrected a long time injury that was not identified by numerous other massage therapists or chiropractors. I was pleasantly surprised when I met with her for a session of energy work. I honestly expected a much milder effect and was floored by what happened. I now refer to Karen as my spiritual mechanic! I’ve recommended associates and friends to her and have heard nothing but praises from them after they received a session.
— Bill Cowen, Computer Connection

My Esoteric healing experience with Karen Beatty, was undeniably beneficial. If found her to be an intuitive and gifted practioner. As we began the session, she put me at ease, ensuring my emotional and physical comfort as well as discussing the nature of energy healing and explaining breathing techniques. Karen guided me to assume a comfortable position, seated with feet planted on the ground and eyes gently closed, allowing me to be relaxed and receptive while she performed energetic healing. It was a unique experience and at one point I felt the distinct sensation of something detaching and leaving me. I came away from the session feeling a shift in energy and I’m looking forward to continuing the journey. I would recommend energy healing by Karen to anyone with an interest in clearing areas that are weak or congested in one’s energy field to achieve a more flowing, harmonious state.
— Heather Gibbs, Natural Awakenings Magazine Staff

My sessions with Karen were great. She intuited things that only an experienced doctor could possibly know. She helped me move onward to my road to better health by teaching me many things. After my Esoteric healing session, I had less aches and pains as well as increased physical energy and a better sense of well being overall.
— Mike Trejo, Bartender Ritz Carlton/Tiburon

I was recommended to Karen Beatty by a long time friend from Connecticut, who is into healing. Up front I told Karen that my engineering background and analytical mind causes me to question just about everything in life, but, I would try to keep an open mind about the healing procedures she would introduce me to. About 6 weeks after my colon surgery (12 inches of colon removed), I went to see Karen. At that time, I was still in a lot of pain , very tired and lost approximately 24 pounds and was not able to urinate at all. The prostate medicine side effects were dizziness (from low blood pressure), I was able to drive. Three times each day, I had to self catheterize. For the next 6 weeks I had 3 sessions with Karen of Esoteric Healing and 4 of Esoteric Healing. After each session, I made significant progress towards recovery in both areas. For the 3rd session, I drove myself to Karen’s studio for the session. Soon after the 4th session, I no longer had to catheterize at all. My doctors are amazed that I am back to work in less than 3 months where the average is normally 6-7 months. As a bonus, Karen also taught me a lot about nutrition (at age 63 I am now eating blueberries for the first time in my life) and how to attempt to live a less stressful life. I am extremely grateful to Karen for assisting with my recovery.
— Frank Seninsky, Writer and Businessman

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to Karen for my first Esoteric and Reconnective healing sessions. It was beyond anything I could have imagined. Every cell of my being vibrated with love and peace and I felt like a spiritually loved superwoman. Her healing sessions continue to do that for me and I count them as special blessings in my life. When I need an immediate “charge”, all I have to do is think of those feelings and I am instantly connected all over again.
— Pat Acerra, LMT, Esthetician Dr. of Acupuncture, Cert. Hypnotherapist

I have received several sessions of Esoteric Healing from Karen, as well as Reconnective Healing and Bars. Karen has a comfortable environment to receive them and her presence makes me relax. I had been experiencing some specific aches and pains, lethargy and general weakness of spirit. Shortly after each session, I felt an improved level of well being in body and spirit and a much improved sciatica pain, which had been plaquing me. In fact, it vanished. Karen is knowledgeable and informative and guided me in other areas such as nutrition. I consider Karen my one stop shop for improving my life in body, mind and spirit.
— Gibb Snyder, Kayak Guide