60 MINUTES $100 • 75 MINUTES $125

Karen is a Licensed Massage Therapist, State of FL. Lic #MA 2950 and offers bodywork that feels good and is relaxing, but also aims to balance and correct issues. She blends a variety of techniques, depending on the client’s needs at that time. If needed, a touch of energy healing will be included in the treatment.  Her studies include Neuromuscular, Myofascial and Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Position/Release Therapy.  Although some of the work is deep, Karen doesn’t apply deep pressure in all areas and doesn’t specialize in “Deep Tissue Therapy”.  She listens to the client’s body and assesses what is needed, with each session.

•  Swedish Massage
•  Deep Tissue Massage
•  Neuromuscular/Trigger Pt. Therapy
•  Cranio-Sacral Therapies
•  Reflexology
•  Position Release Technique
•  Assisted Stretching
•  Theta-Healing



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