After living in southern California in the early 70’s and experiencing the Esalen Institute, Karen became inspired and aligned with her vision of helping others and her mission in life.  She started her career in the holistic healing arts in 1976 by attending massage school.  In subsequent years she took many advanced training classes and became proficient in a variety of modalties, including Deep Tissue/Myofascial massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Position Release Therapy and of course, Swedish Massage.  While owning a health food store in Naples, The Grainery Natural Foods, she graduated from the Clayton School of Nutrition (an online program and obtained a license as a Nutritional Counselor, State of FL. During those years, her massage office was at the store and her clients were able to shop for foods and supplements after their appointments. Karen, the 2nd massage therapist in Naples, beginning in 1977, enjoyed 22 years in a private full time bodywork practice in Naples, before retiring into another profession.

In 2002 Karen experienced a personal tragedy with the sudden transition of her son. In her desperate search for healing, she found Esoteric Healing, a treatment working off the body in the etheric field, that brings the chakra’s into balance with all other systems in the etheric body.  The sessions were so effective in healing Karen, she was inspired to study all 8 levels of Esoteric Healing, as well as many other modalities of energy healing. Starting with Esoteric Healing, a soul focused system, based on Alice Bailey’s work, she received profound healing of her body/mind/emotions/spirit. She progressed a heart broken, emotionally scattered person with physical issues, to a whole, empowered, healthy one. It’s a tool she uses on herself and others for bringing balance to the chakra’s and energy body, along with the other modalities she has mastered.

Ever curious and inspired to learn more, Karen became a Reiki Master and studied Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl, the author of The Reconnection, in 2012, both of which added incredible aspects to her work. Moving forward, Karen then attended part 1of Seraphim Blueprint Angel Healing and she fell in love all over again. After taking all 6 available classes and the Advanced Seraphim Healing, Karen received the initiations to provide this healing to others as well as teach it.  Although Karen utilizes some Seraphim Blueprint energies in her healing treatments, she no longer teaches this system of healing.

Karen experienced healing from all the modalities she studied which made her a true believer in energy healing. She had some skepticism originally, but, that completely shifted.   Due to feedback and testimonies from clients, Karen decided to name the energy healing treatment she gives, “Energy Reset Healing” as people reported feeling “reset”. Esoteric healing is the main body of the treatment, however, she incorporates Reiki, Theta, Seraphim Angel and Reconnective healing. With her extreme sensitivity and gifts, Karen is a natural channel of healing from the guides and Masters she aligns with. If preferred, Reiki can be given alone as a treatment.

Due to the many experiences Karen has on her journey of life, along with her education, she is a very resourceful for helping others figure out the best path to follow for their health journey.  Therefore, she offers, what she terms, “Lifestyle Strategy Coaching” sessions to help clients sort out various choices and find what best suits them on various levels of life.