30 min.   $90.00                                           

60 min.  $120.00                                           

Karen is a Reiki Master, after completing 3 levels and all associated attunements.   Reiki was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s and is an amazing healing method, now accepted and used in various hospitals in the US.  Working with Reiki is working with energy.  It is simple, safe and is generally translated as “universal life force energy”.  Practicing it means becoming a channel to allow this energy to pass through you so it can be received by another.  What sets Reiki apart from other hands-on healing modalities is that to become a channel to receive the energy, you must be attuned by a Reiki master. This attunement opens you to receive and channel Reiki energy to others.   The Reiki energy balances the physical systems, flushes toxins on all levels, helps calm the mind and open the heart. The Reiki practitioner acts only as a conduit, allowing the energy to pass through. The client is fully clothed for the session.


30 min.       $90.00

75 min.       $120.00

All of this treatment is off the body with the client fully clothed and comfortably lying down with eyes closed.  Karen begins the session with some Theta Healing then opens channels for the Seraphim Angel Healing to run during the balance of the session.  Then Karen assesses the Chakra system, determining the level of openness, imbalance, amplitude, etc. and whether the imbalance is caused by physical, mental or emotional issues.  She then balances each chakra so that it is fully active. 

Each Chakra connects to various systems in the body, such as cardiovascular, endocrine, sympathetic, parasympathetic, lymphatic and the various organs, etc.  Karen then balances the Chakra to those systems/organs which greatly helps to support all for healing and overall better functioning.  The end result is a “reset” of the energetic etheric field, which allows a renewed, clear platform for the client to manifest better health and harmony, as well as relieve emotional distress.  If a chakra becomes blocked, people generally feel “off”.  Keeping the chakra’s in balance is a wonderful way to prevent health issues, including emotional/mental.  Many physical systems are expressions of what hasn’t been addressed in the energy body.  Because everything is energy, when we maintain our energy body’s health, we make better lifestyle and diet choices and can actually heal issues that come up before they manifest in the physical body.   Karen finishes the session with some Reconnective Healing work and then shares her findings with the clients.


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